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Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training – Foundational Skills with Linda Meacci, E-RYT, and Paula Soto, LSW, RYT

  • Schoolhouse Yoga -- East Liberty Studio 5923 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA, 15206 United States (map)

Day 1: Trauma-Informed Yoga Instruction
(Sat, Feb 18, 2017, Noon – 5pm)
Day 2: Trauma-Focused Applications of Yoga
(Sun, Feb 19, 2017, Noon – 5pm)

As yoga teachers and licensed therapists understand, people seek remedy for high stress and trauma symptoms by attending yoga classes. In this foundational training, Paula Soto, a licensed social worker and registered yoga teacher, and Linda Meacci, an experienced yoga-teacher-training instructor, will present a spectrum of information ranging from how to create a non-harming atmosphere in yoga classes and private lessons to recognizing and responding to nonverbal signs of stress and trauma in students/clients, to setting up yoga services for trauma-impacted populations.

Rather than require teachers to veer from their own teaching styles, this training will equip them to apply trauma-informed insights to their established methods of instruction. Please note: Discussion and questions will be reserved for a specific time period on Day 2.

Day 1: Trauma-Informed Yoga Instruction
Saturday, Feb 18, 2017  |  Noon – 5pm

Day 1 will set the stage by providing a better understanding of how stress and trauma impact the human brain, body and nervous system, and how yoga can play a vital role in trauma recovery. Trained teachers will begin to recognize signs of trauma in their students/clients, as well as the basics of skillful response. Day 1 will also include an introduction to non-harming language, asana modifications, and mindfulness skills that help create healthy practice space; trauma-informed tips for yoga basics such as savasana; key points of empowerment and embodiment in teaching skills; and yoga practice illustrating the above.

Day 2:  Trauma-Focused Applications of Yoga
Sunday, Feb 19, 2017  |  Noon – 5pm
Note: Attendance at Day 1 is a prerequisite for attending Day 2.

Day 2 will deepen the teacher’s knowledge of the modifications and mindfulness skills that help alleviate symptoms of stress and trauma. Yoga teachers and therapists will learn skills to apply to private sessions. Qualities of a sound teacher/therapist and healthy boundaries will be addressed. In addition, the logistics of setting up yoga services for trauma-impacted populations such as veterans, first responders and survivors of abuse will be discussed, including how to connect with organizations serving specific populations; how to identify and collaborate with appropriate resources and professionals; and how to further one’s knowledge.

We highly recommend attending both days of this training. Yoga teachers and licensed therapists can earn Continuing Education Credits.

    Day 1 only: $90
    Day 1 and Day 2: $180

*** SOLD OUT ***

    Please register through the Schoolhouse Yoga website.