One Day Awash in Love

When I smell the fragrance of a deep pink rose bloom, or catch the evening clouds racing across the sky, or gaze out over open water, I am assured of being connected to the Greatest Good, however one may call it—Consciousness, God or Goddess, Divine Energy, Anami, Universal Love.

It matters not how we call it, it matters only that we see it and live it! No matter our karmic situations, each one of us has a connection to the Sacred Spark. All beings, all nature, all universes have been spun out of LOVE. So then, it must be important and vital to our own wellbeing to see this in others—in our friends, families and co-workers, in strangers and adversaries, and in our inner and outer worlds.

The Challenge -- Spend One Day Awash in Love: I challenge each one of us, for one full day, to pay close attention and acknowledge the Divine Spark in everything—from the mundane to the extraordinary—and everyone. See what it feels like to be a LOVER of Life.

Then Take It a Step Further -- Share Your Experience: Will you please share your experience with me, and with one another? If you are willing, please use the Comments section below to share some reflections about your One Day Awash in Love, your day in communion with the Divine Spark, the Greatest Good.

In sharing our experiences, we may inspire others to live One Day Awash in Love—and then one day more, and another after that, and so on. And slowly but surely, what starts as a ripple will grow into a tidal wave of peace, love and understanding.